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Price tax incl. * * Import duties not included, except for Norway whose Incoterms are with duties included. 125.00$

3T Cycling Store


Weight: 525 g
Clamp: 31.8 mm ∅
Extensions/pads: Wrist comfort bend alloy, new comfort cradles, neoprene pads with  3T logo embossed; S-bend extension alloy


Clip On is a combination kit to build up suitable 31.8 mm diameter bars with aero extensions. The kit comprises clamps, new comfort cradles and silicon pads, s-bend extensions, and all fixing hardware. Stack height can be adjusted in the range 57–87 mm using the Riser Kit. Clip On is ideal with Aeronova and Aerotundo road bars for a multipurpose competition setup. Clip Ons must not be fitted to any Ltd road bar model except Aeronova Ltd and Aerotundo Ltd.