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Shaft Material: Carbon 
Head Material: AL-Alloy
Finish: UD Matte Black 
Set Back (mm): 25
Bolts: Stainless Steel 
Weight (g) Ø 27,2x350mm: 265
Length (mm): 280/350 
Diameter (mm) + 0.0 - 0.1: 27.2


Ionic-25 Comfort enhances the standard Ionic-25 post with shock-absorbing technology. A polymer damping ring between the head and the DiffLock clamp decouples the head from the shaft of the post, preventing high-frequency vibration from being transmitted to the rider. Ionic-25 Comfort helps reduce rider fatigue on today’s generation of ultra-stiff, aero racebike chassis, and bikes intended for endurance riding. Team Stealth version has a carbon-fiber shaft bonded into an alloy head and is finished in UD Matte Black with the 3T Road Circle in Gloss Black.

Note: DiffLock seat clamp fits only saddles with 7mm round-section rails. Saddles with oval rails require Ionic oval caps (see Spare Parts).

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