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Weight:195 g (31.6 mm x 280 mm)
Length:280, 350 mm
Diameter:27.2, 31.6 mm ∅
Bolts:Stainless steel
Saddle Clamp:AL alloy
Setback:25 mm
Finish:UD Gloss Black


Stylus is a fresh new take on the 2-bolt seatpost. The transition from the pillar to the saddle clamp assembly is a finned, rearward swoosh suggestive in shape of the classic one-bolt posts of yore. But the clamp bolts are deployed to either side of the saddle-support cradle, conferring greater stability and easier adjustment. Stylus–25 models set the clamp center 25 mm behind the centerline of the seatpost, for riders who prefer to sit further back on the bike. Stylus–25 Team has a carbon-fiber shaft bonded into an alloy head and is finished in high-gloss black with the 3T Team red stripe.

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