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Weight: 245 g (45 cm)
Width: 42/45 cm; 44/47 cm
Clamp: 31.8 mm ∅
Material: AL 7075
Drop: 127 mm
Reach: 89 mm
Finish: Shot peened/Black anodized


Ergoterra is a wide drop bar for cyclocross, with flared drops for elbow clearance on rough ground, and a reinforced central section for crosstop levers. It has the same compact drop and reach as Ergosum, tailored to provide more control over technical terrain:
Viewed from above, the drops angle outwards by 6.
45-cm model is 42 cm at the hoods (47-cm model, 44 cm).
Compound-curved bends preserve the vertical alignment of brake/shifter levers at their mounting point, so outward flare does not alter shifters’ ergonomics.
Bars 31.8 mm center section is extended and reinforced to mount crosstop brake levers.
On rough ground that jostles the rider’s handhold, Ergoterra offers more lateral clearance for the forearms, which also helps with run-ups.
Ergoterra Pro is fabricated in AL 7075 alloy with a shot-peened, black-anodized finish with the white 3T Pro stripe.

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