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Add some living color to your bike

Choose between six lustrous shades!

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Weight:185 g (31.6 mm x 280 mm)
Length:280, 350 mm
Diameter:27.2, 31.6 mm ∅
Material:HM carbon-fiber
Bolts:Stainless steel
Saddle Clamp:Alloy DiffLock™
Setback:25 mm
Finish:UD Gloss Black


Ionic is a new seatpost design featuring the sophisticated and robust, 3T–exclusive DiffLock seat clamp. Ionic–25 places the seat clamp assembly 25 mm behind the seatpost’s centerline. This gives athletes the option of a more rearward position on today’s shorter framesets. The splined alloy DiffLock coupling is a highly-accurate method of setting saddle angle needing only lightweight clamping by side-mounted bolts. It is especially useful for fine adjustment of saddle setback, which can be done without impacting saddle angle. Ionic–25 Ltd is a monocoque in high-modulus carbon-fiber, finished in UD Gloss Black with the 3T Ltd silver stripe.

Ionic, 3T’s unique and ultra-stable seatpost, can now be customized with a choice of six vibrant colors: bold graphics on HM carbon-fiber seatpost shaft are in a choice of Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow

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