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Basebar Material: Carbon
Clamp Diameter (mm): Ø 31.8 (+ 0.05 - 0.1)
Drop (mm): 110
Reach (mm): 77,3
Finish: UD Matte Black
Weight (g) 40cm: 200
Width (cm): 40, 44 (hood-to-hood)


The new SuperGhiaia dropbar is the perfect complement to the Exploro, combining all the comfort of the SuperErgo center and corner section with special Twist-Drops for more control on tricky terrain and descents.

Traditional gravel bars have a large flare angle for the drops, but that also puts the shift/brake levers at an angle. This makes riding on the hoods a lot less comfortable and secure (since they were not designed to be gripped at an angle). The SuperGhiaia Twist-Drops start out straight, allowing the hoods to be in their intended position, and then twist out to provide the flare needed for increased control. This makes the SuperGhiaia the most comfortable gravel bar on the market in all possible hand positions.

The Twist-Drops have distinctly different twists for the narrow and wide sizes based on feedback from both pros and amateurs during the design phase.